Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS

AWS SNS Overview

  • SNS is Pub-Sub service for messaging.
  • Publish messages to subscriber via topics
  • Subscribers have to subscribe topic in order to receive messages
  • Scalable and highly reliable
  • Support though Console, API, CLI and AWS-SDK

AWS SNS Subscribers

Amazon SNS can be trigged by distributed system, micro services or any other AWS services.

How it works ? (Overall Picture)

Common Amazon SNS Scenarios

Fanout Scenario

Message is sent to a topic and published to multiple Amazon SQS queues, HTTP endpoints, or email addresses. This allows for parallel asynchronous processing

Basic Fanout Scenario

For example, A user completes a puzzle of your mobile game, you want to send special offer as reward as well as you want to send to back end processing service to analyze how he resolved the puzzle.

Application and System Alerts

Notification triggered by thresholds and send immediate notification for support team.

For example, You can configure CloudWatch alarm so that when system encounters any issue, immediately notify though email or SMS.

Push Email and Text Messaging

Push email and text messaging are two ways to transmit messages to individuals or groups via email and/or SMS.

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications enable you to send messages directly to mobile apps.

For example, you could use Amazon SNS for sending notifications to an app, indicating that an update is available.

AWS SNS Pricing – Basic

  • First 1 million Amazon SNS requests per month are free
  • $0.50 per 1 million Amazon SNS requests thereafter

AWS SNS Limitation

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