AWS Email Service – SES

  • SES is a managed service and ideal for sending bulk emails at scale
  • The existing email server can also be configured to send outgoing
  • SES acts as an outbound email server and eliminates the need to support their own software or applications to do the heavy lifting of email transport
  • emails through SES with no change in any settings in the email clients
  • Maximum message size including attachments is 10 MB per message.

SES Characteristics

  • Compatible with SMTP
  • Applications can send email using a single API call in many supported languages Java, .Net, PHP, Perl, Ruby, HTTP/HTTPS etc
  • Optimized for highest levels of uptime, availability and scales as per the demand
  • Provides sandbox environment for testing

Sending Limits

  • Production SES has a set of sending limits which include
    • Sending Quota – max number of emails in a 24-hour period
    • Maximum Send Rate – max number of emails per second
  • SES automatically adjusts the limits upward as long as emails are of high quality and they are sent in a controlled manner, as any spike in the email sent might be considered to spam.
  • Limits can also be raised by submitting a Quota increase request

Pricing details

  • You pay $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send or receive.
  • You pay $0.12 per GB of data in the messages you send. This includes headers, message content (including text and images), and attachments.
  • You pay $0.09 for every 1,000 incoming mail chunks 256 kilobytes. This includes headers, message content (text and images), and attachments. 

SES Good Practices

  • Send high-quality and real production content that your recipients want
  • Only send to those who have signed up for the mail
  • Unsubscribe recipients who have not interacted with the business recently
  • Have low bounce and compliant rates and remove bounced or complained addresses, using SNS to monitor bounces and complaints, treating them as an opt-out
  • Monitor the sending activity

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