[Code with Mosh] [Mosh Hamedani] The Ultimate Django Series Part 1

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The Ultimate Django Series is a master training package in web development using Python and Django. If you’ve been looking for web development using Python before but did not know where to start, this is one of the most comprehensive and practical Django training courses that will give you everything you need to know about Django step by step. You are teaching to know. Learn the basics in 5 hours and then you will be ready for more advanced topics in the second part of this series.

What you will learn in The Ultimate Django Series:

  • Do Django projects with confidence
  • Understand the function of Django
  • Troubleshoot problems like a pro
  • Prepare to learn advanced Django concepts

Course topics:

  • Getting Started (3m)
  • Django Fundamentals (45m)
  • Building a Data Model (45m)
  • Setting Up the Database (40m)
  • Django ORM (100m)
  • The Admin Site (1h)

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