How to clear AWS Developer Associate Exam

Nowadays, most of Software development companies expect from employee to pass AWS certificates because of Amazon Cloud service has almost taken over Cloud infrastructure. The knowledge of AWS service is plus point for companies to build resilient application and optimise cost for services.

Last year, I was able to pass AWS developer associate exam on first attempt with 960 score. In this post I would like to share my experience and resource that I used for exam.

Time period

I spent almost 2-3 month for this exam for reading materials and practise some mock exam questions. Before that I had some experience on mostly of the common services such as SQS, EC2, S3, SNS. Most important thing for exam is, you must have hands-on experience on each service mention in exam book. Otherwise, you will face some difficulties on real exam.

How to Open an Account

Click on this like to create new account. Most of the common service will be free for 12 months, however , I recommend you to delete all the services & resources after you completed on same day..

Free PDF

In these books, I recommend you to start with AWS CERTIFIED DEVELOPER - ASSOCIATE GUIDE. by TANKARIYA, VIPUL. PARMAR BHAVIN because it has great content and explanation on service that will ask in real exam.

Also Aws Certified Developer Associate - Summarised has summary view of service limit, things like that. So Basically before the exam, you should have memories those points.

Not only that, Aws Certified Developer Associate - Official Study Guide will give you every aspect of the about AWS services.

Video Material

I highly recommend AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2020 by Ryan Kroonenburg, on Udemy. He has created such awesome learning video material for this exam. It very clear and explanation on every aws service.

Free download links Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Practice Test

Braincert –

Final thought

AWS Developer Associate exam is not much complicated than other exam like Sysops or Professional exams. Only important thing is, dedication and some hands on experience on services to go through on it.

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