Project Portfolio

Animate Particles for JSConf.Asia 2019

This animation was created for JSConf.Asia 2019 website background and it was selected as winning animation for April submission. I used VanillaJS to draw particles on canvas and also followed some important mathematical theorem – one-dimensional Newtonian to handle elastic collision detection.

Universal Robotic Program – 2019 November

I’m so lucky enough to work on collaboration project with Skymech and Welco Automation companies to build up a Robotic which capable for handling migwelding base on program instruction given by the robotic system. Most challenging part was to integrate universal robot and lorch welding machine. Special thanks for Mr. HEO YEW SENG , Managing Director at Skymech and Mr. Desmond Ngern , Project Manager at Welco Automation .

ChatBot Integration – 2020 January

This was done for company “xxx” as part of software suite.

You can access this service using below link.

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