Project Portfolio

Animate Particles for JSConf.Asia 2019

This animation was created for JSConf.Asia 2019 website background and it was selected as winning animation for April submission. I used VanillaJS to draw particles on canvas and also followed some important mathematical theorem – one-dimensional Newtonian to handle elastic collision detection.

Universal Robotic Program – 2019 November

This project was done as collaborate with Skymech and Welco Automation companies to build up a Robotic that capable of handling MIG welding base on program instruction given by the robotic system.

ChatBot Integration – 2020 January

This was done for company “xxx” as part of software suite.

You can access this service using below link.

Jitsi – 2022 August

Setup Jitsi video conferencing application on Cloud environment with Recording, Streaming and Scaling functionality based on usage.

Rust pogromming add-on to connect with Jitsi media server and capture each video stream frame by frame to analyse and generate report about meetings.

Machine learning module to capture statical data.

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